Former Police Officer Files a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

According to WMBF News, a former police officer has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against North Myrtle Beach for wrongful termination. Lt. Randy Fisher alleges that the city and his former bosses forced him out of a job after he criticized the city’s response to the Horry County wildfire.

Fisher, who now works for the town of Atlantic Beach, says that he was forced to resign in November 2009. He claims he was asked to leave after voicing his concerns within the department and to his supervisors. Fisher says former Assistant City Manager Steve Thomas, former City Manager John Smithson and former Public Safety Directory William Bailey all hand a hand in forcing him to resign.

Bailey denied allegations that he had nothing to do with the way Fisher was disciplined and that the decision was made by city hall.

Fisher’s employment attorney says the plaintiff suffered a significant amount of time when he was not employed and he suffered a definite difference in pay between the jobs.

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