Former Police Officer Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Over Back Injury

According to Times Georgian, a former Villa Rica police officer has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the city, seeking damages for what he calls an unlawful termination. Kevin Roddy spent 17 years with the Villa Rica Police Department but received a termination letter in the mail in July 2010. Roddy claims he suffered an off-duty back injury in 2008, but continued to work until his injury degenerated to the point that surgery was required to fix the damage. He alleges the city fired him after he had exhausted all his sick and vacation time.

The city denied allegations of wrongful termination and said it is prepared to defend the accusations. The city’s attorney said that Roddy worked as a police officer for several years before notifying the city of an off-duty injury that made him unable to perform his duties. Roddy is currently collecting unemployment and going to school, but believes he could still perform as a police officer if his certification had not been suspended after being listed as disabled at the request of his former police department.

Roddy said he first started experiencing problems with his back and went to his supervisors to explain the situation, citing his doctor’s suggestion to have him leave his patrol duties to avoid further injury. He had requested to be placed in an investigator’s position, a job he had once held, but the request was denied. An employment attorney can answer your questions if you feel like you have been wrongfully terminated.