Former Provost Bonnie Yegidis Loses Wrongful Termination Case

According to Naples News, a former Provost, Bonnie Yegidis, lost her big for wrongful termination against the Florida Gulf Coast University. A jury deliberated roughly two and a half hours before deciding that Yegidis’ case failed to meet even the first requirement needed for them to find in her favor. The wrongful termination lawsuit started 19 months ago, failed several times in settlement negotiations, and ended up in a federal court.

That specific requirement was posed in the form a question to the jury: “Did Yegidis engage in protected activity in the effort to resolve claims that gender equity protection laws were being violated at the university before her 2007 removal?”, states the news source. The university removed Yegidis as Provost in 2007.

Yegidis’ wrongful termination lawsuit came after a series of lawsuits centering on various gender discrimination allegations at the university. Her lawsuit was the only one that reached a trial stage, as other lawsuits ended in settlements. The university paid out a total of $4.2 to resolve previous complaints but did not admit any wrongdoing. The university’s president, Wilson Bradshaw, stated that Yegidis’ case had no financial settlement offers.

Yegidis’ spoke with the media after the verdict was read and expressed her disappointment. She noted her only object was to make sure men and women in the university’s athletic program had the same opportunities, and wanted to make sure people could air grievances without fear of repercussions. It is unclear if she plans to appeal.

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