Former Santa Rosa Schools Assistant Superintendent Files Discrimination Lawsuit

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, a former assistant superintendent at a county school district has filed a lawsuit against the school board over claims of wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

The news service reported that Anastasia Zita was released on June 30, 2013 from a position overseeing curriculum and instruction for secondary schools within Santa Rosa City Schools.

In her lawsuit, Zita claims that she was repeatedly “passed over for professional development opportunities because of her race and age, was asked to check on a campus sewer problem and discouraged from taking family leave to care for her ailing mother.”

The lawsuit names the school board, as well as 50 as-yet-unnamed people as defendants. Zita also claims that she received harassing communications from superintendent Socorro Shiels.

Zita is reportedly seeking $4 million in damages, and is asking for removal of all defamatory documents from her personnel file and that all district employees be trained on the Fair Employment and Housing Act and the California Family Rights Act.

She claims that she is now suffering from “emotional distress [including] suffering anguish, fright, horror, nervousness, grief, anxiety, worry, shock, humiliation and shame.”

How Do I File A Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

Workplace discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, national origin and family status is unlawful. Additionally, California state laws also provide further protections against workplace discrimination based upon a person’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

People who have experienced discrimination at work or who have been relieved of their duties because of false pretenses can pursue a wrongful termination case against a former employer. Do not let an employer bully you— seek representation today.

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Did You Know? Gender discrimination is defined as treating someone (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of that person’s sex.