Former School Principal Loses Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

According to the Daily Freeman, a former Catskill NY high school principal lost his wrongful termination lawsuit against the school district, a state Supreme Court Justice ruled.

Justice Joseph Teresi rejected William Ball IV’s petition stating that the defendants provided their good faith economic basis for terminating the former principal. The judge said affidavits from district Superintended and Assistant Superintended confirmed the firing came as a part of the budget cutting process, and Ball’s position was terminated along with four other teachers, a teacher’s assistant, librarian and two additional administrators.

The judge agreed that decision to fire Ball came from the district’s Board of Education, whose main concerns were saving teachers’ jobs and taxpayer money. Ball failed to show there were no savings resulting from his termination or that another individual was hired to replace him, the judge ruled.

Ball sued the Catskill school district, the Board of Education and district Superintended for wrongful termination, seeking reinstatement of his position and back wages. Ball alleged the defendants retaliated against him for his duties with the administrators’ union and that elimination of his tenure area was in bad faith and that he was not the least senior employee in that tenure area. Ball’s attorney noted no disciplinary actions against him that would result in termination.


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