Former Server Sues NYAC Supervisor for Sexual Harassment

A former banquet server at the New York Athletic Club (NYAC) has sued banquet supervisor Nesim Zuberi for allegedly forcing servers to perform sexual acts for time off and prime hours. The suit also claims Zuberi took photos of his sexual encounters with the staff and showed them off to other co-workers.

Keisi Ballenilla is the sole plaintiff in the case in which she claims her and at least five other female workers were forced into various sexual acts in order to work the shifts they wanted. Ballenilla claimed she worked under the sexually perverse conditions for five years and was still forced to comply with Zuberi’s sexual demands while pregnant. According to the New York Post, other employees, including other alleged victims and manages, at least partially agree with Ballenilla’s claims.

NYAC spokesperson James O’Brien told the New York Post that the allegations were false.

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