Former Soccer Coach Sues California University for Age Discrimination

According to MariniJ, a former soccer coach at Dominican University of California has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the school claiming he was forced out of a job due to age discrimination. John Brooks, 56, coached at the university for 14 years, compiling a record of 144-97-14. His tenure ended in 2009, two months after Terry Tumey became the school’s athletic directory.

Brooks was replaced by a younger coach who was then coaching a women’s soccer team for the school. Brooks alleges Tumey fired him because of age discrimination, and that Tumey ended employment of at least five other coaches over the age of 40.

Brooks also claims that his campaign for a better playing field may have contributed to his ousting. Brooks made a claim that he had been injured on the poor playing field and Tumey told Brooks that he was sick and tired of hearing about problems with the field. Tumey described Brooks’ firing as a parting because of difference in philosophy and a realization that the two were going in a different direction.

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