Former State Worker Sues Parks & Recreation Department

A former employee at the California Department of Parks and Recreation has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the state, according to the San Francisco Gate. The plaintiff claims that the former deputy director, Miguel Lopez, began sexually harassing her at work after she complained about how management handled sexual harassment complaints filed by two other women.

Lopez resigned from his six-figure-salaried position after an internal investigation revealed he had orchestrated a vacation buyout program. The unauthorized program paid out $271,000 from public funds to workers for unused personal time off.

The plaintiff claims that in months leading up to her eventual termination, Lopez would make inappropriate sexual comments to her in front of other employees. The plaintiff said that when she reported it to her supervisor, Jason Summers, she was told to “ignore it [the comments].”

It appears that Lopez had many issues and was not responsible enough to be in a position of such authority. Because no other workers in the state department were able to take action against his behavior, this lawsuit will end up costing the taxpayers a lot of money. Please look over our website today for more information on sexual harassment, and contact our office for a free consultation if you have experienced sexual harassment at work.

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