Former Surfside Beach Public Works Director Claims Wrongful Termination

According to Carolina Live, a former Surfside Beach public works director filed a lawsuit against the town alleging wrongful termination. Robert Tyrone Taylor claims he was wrongfully terminated after an arrest and charge of having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. The police charged Taylor after he was found drinking in a town owned pickup on the beach.

Taylor faced disciplinary action and returned to work weeks after his arrest. The town council voted to place him on probation and then later voted to fire him, less than two months after his initial arrest. John Adair of Myrtle Beach replaced Taylor as the town’s new public works director.

Taylor’s open container case was ultimately dismissed after questions that he was not charged under the right law. Councilman Doug Samples confirmed to local media that he has been singled out as a defendant. The town council voted 3-2 to fire Taylor as he was using a town paid vehicle at the time of his arrest. It is unclear what damages Taylor is seeking through his lawsuit.