Former Teacher’s Aide Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Politician

According to NJ News, a Morris County politician is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former preschool teacher’s aide. Mine Hill Township Council President Sam Morris is facing claims of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

Nicole Miller claims in her lawsuit that Morris told her in a March 10 text message that he had a huge crush on her. Miller taught at the Canfield Kids preschool and daycare center, which receives funds from Mine Hill Educational Foundation presided over by Morris.

Miller said that Morris cornered her in a private area at the preschool and said that he was falling in love with her. Morris’ attorney acknowledged text messages were sent but said a few text messages do not show the entire picture and are taken out of context. The lawsuit also names the foundation as a defendant, and claims that a month earlier Morris texted a lewd comment to Miller’s supervisor regarding an imaginary sex act involving both Miller and the supervisor.

Miller claims she complained to her supervisors at the preschool but that nothing was done. Miller had told her husband that she would be leaving the preschool because Morris had managed to make her feel completely uncomfortable. There are many types of sexual harassment at a work place that do not include physical touching.

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