Former University of Cincinnati Employee Sued for Sexual Harassment

According to the Daytona Daily News, a new lawsuit has been filed against the University of Cincinnati alleging former executive vice president Fred Reynolds sexually harassed an assistant. Sandra Smith worked as an assistant to President Greg Williams. In her complaint, Smith claims Williams had her fired from the job after she complained of his actions.

Sandra Smith is suing Reynolds, Williams and the University of Cincinnati in the U.S. District Court for sexual harassment, wrongful termination and hostile work environment. Smith alleges Reynolds sexually harassed her by making inappropriate comments, and unwelcome hugging and kissing.

The University of Cincinnati claims it has investigated Smith’s allegations and found they were not supported by facts. Smith left the university to return to City College of New York. Her lawsuit comes six months after she was fired and five months after she filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In her complaint, she lists that her salary as executive director was $95,000.

Smith’s lawsuit alleges that Reynolds tried to make her look crazy and blamed her allegations on a distorted mind from medication. When she complaint to UC President Greg Williams, he reacted by giving her a negative performance review and subsequently firing her.