Former Vice President Sues Newspaper for Age Discrimination

The former vice president of the Courier-Journal in Louisville has filed a wrongful termination suit against the newspapers, according to, of course, the Courier-Journal. Mike Huot served as vice president from 1999 until September of 2011. According to his complaint, the Courier-Journal’s parent company, Garnett, “eliminated his position” only to bring in a younger employee to essentially take his place. Huot was 62 when he was terminated, earning over $300,000 annually with bonuses and stock incentives.

Huot claims he received excellent reviews in his 25 years as a Garnett employee. Garnett has not provided any comment on the case.

It is difficult to make an assessment after only hearing one side of the story, but this certainly seems like a case of age discrimination and wrongful termination here. Garnett will have to provide some evidence as to why it terminated Huot and replaced him with a younger, cheaper worker or it will be paying compensatory damages as well as punitive damages. If you have had a similar experience at work, contact our Los Angeles discrimination lawyers for a free consultation.

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