Former Waitresses File Sexual Harassment Suit Against New York Restaurant

Two waitresses have filed a harassment lawsuit against a New York City restaurant and apparently will get their day in court, according to ABC News. The New York Supreme Court approved the suit filed by plaintiffs Kristen McRedmond and Alexandria Lipton, and the case is set to go to trial. Lipton and McRedmond both worked waiting tables and bartending at Sutton Place Restaurant and Bar from August 2004 until July 2006, when they were both terminated.

The plaintiffs allege that a shift manager, Neil Hanafy, made sexually inappropriate comments and touched them inappropriately when they worked nights at the restaurant. Hanafy would also make rude comments and harass the two about their weight, at one point picking up McRedmond and placing her on a scale to “settle a poll” among coworkers regarding her weight. McRedmond then alleges she was held against her will when she “was unlawfully imprisoned by Sutton Place when she was held in the manager’s office after Hanafy attempted to weigh her.”

“This is an egregious case where disgusting men felt they could treat women in a demeaning manner, and it’s clear to every judge on the [New York] Supreme Court,” said attorney Rosemarie Arnold. “And now the appellate decision affirms that’s not behavior that is tolerated in the workplace.”

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