Fresno Fruit Plant Sued for Sexual Harassment

Ten farm workers have sued Z Foods, Inc., in Fresno, claiming their supervisors regularly sexually harassed and assaulted them as well as retaliated against them when they filed complaints. The lawsuit claims that Z Foods knew that supervisors were demanding sex from female workers as a way of getting promotions or keeping their jobs.

All of the allegations in the lawsuit date back to 2007 and 2008. The employees that filed the suit claim that they complained about the sexual advances to human resources during that time, but no action was taken. The lawsuit also claims that when Z Foods bought the company in 2008, more complaints were filed and managers began retaliating against the complaining workers. According to the lawsuit, some workers who complained were not rehired by Z Foods and others had their jobs and family members threatened.

One section of the lawsuit says a supervisor began giving female employees “unwanted gifts” such as kissing and hugging the workers.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can cause emotional and physical damage to victims. Sexual harassment can be considered a “hostile working” environment, which means employees are exposed to unwanted and offensive sexual advances or favors in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission considers sexual harassment a form of sexual discrimination and applies the law to both men and women.

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Did You Know: Sexual harassment is still illegal even if it is between members of the same sex.

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