Gay San Bernardino Teacher Files Discrimination Suit

A teacher that identifies as a lesbian filed a lawsuit against the Hisperia Unified School District in San Bernardino on November 19 for discrimination, harassment and retaliation due to her sexual orientation. Julia Frost taught as a probationary English teacher at Sultana High from August 2011 to May 2013 and claims that while she was there the administrators created a hostile environment for her as well as gay students. Frost claims certain administrators investigated her for “teaching homosexuality” and harassed her often, even though she consistently had outstanding performance reviews.

The lawsuit alleges that the Gay/Straight Alliance at the high school that Frost co-sponsored was consistently censored and omitted from a list of school organizations in the student handbook. Frost also claims in the suit that students came to her and complained about being bullied by administrators for their sexual orientation and that some administrators threatened to tell their parents about their orientation.

Frost claims that her teaching contract was not renewed because she helped a student file a complaint form when another teacher referred to their clothing as “gay” and said, “that’s so gay” in a derogatory manner. Frost is seeking unspecified damages and told ABC News Los Angeles that she wants her job back, stating she “would love to go back to the high school and continue teaching and continue to be a role model for every kid.”

What Do I Do if I Am Being Harassed at Work?

Harassment based upon sexual orientation is illegal in California. Gay, bisexual and transgender workers cannot be harassed simply due to their orientation. If you believe you are being harassed at work due to your orientation, it may be best to first attempt to solve the issue internally. If your complaints are ignored, an experienced employment lawyer can help you determine your next steps. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their workplace, and our Los Angeles employment attorneys can help get the justice you deserve. Get in touch with our attorneys today to discuss your options.

Did You Know: The U.S. senate approved a bill this year to ban workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation nationwide.

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