Gov. Brown Kills Multiple Bills

“Not every human problem deserves a law,” Gov. Jerry Brown declared in one of the 14 veto messages released on September 7, 2011. Brown nixed a variety of bills in the closing hours of the legislative session that ended September 9, 2011.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, vetoed bills included SB 105, which would have fined children under 18 and their parents $25 if the child went skiing or snowboarding without a helmet, but Brown rejected out of concern “about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state.” Brown vetoed SB 888, which would have prevented anyone from protesting funerals, for failing to comport with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that funeral protests are protected by the First Amendment. SB 449, which would have required that signature gatherers wear badges if they’re being paid, was “provocative but ultimately unpersuasive” to Brown, and existing law prohibiting language restrictions was cited as reason for not signing SB 111, which would have made it illegal for businesses to prohibit customers from using foreign languages, unless necessary.

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