Guardsmark Sued for Employee National Origin Discrimination and Harassment

According to Newsite, an East Indian former employee of Guardsmark has accused the worldwide security firm of failing to protect him against national origin discrimination in the workplace. The former employee filed a lawsuit with the assistance of the EEOC in California federal court requesting back pay and other damages, including punitive damages.

Inderpal Nayyar claims he endured harassment at Guardsmark due to his age, accent and because of the turban he wore on the job, which resulted in a demotion after he complained to his superiors. The harassment began in 2007 when a co-worker taunted Nayyar over his turban and accent, a common headgear worn by people from his part of the world, sometimes for religious reasons.

Nayyar’s co-workers allegedly told him he was too old and should retire from his job position. Nayyar complained to his manager repeatedly about the harassment over a six month period. Nayyar ultimately left his job after being employed at the security firm since 2005. Guardsmark said they launched an internal investigation but found no evidence of discrimination.

All employees should be allowed to perform their job duties in a safe and non-hostile work environment and should not have to endure constant harassment of discrimination from co-workers or employers.

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