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Can I File a Workplace Sexual Harassment Claim Anonymously?

Posted on September 4, 2017 Author:

Last month, an anonymous email containing sexual harassment claims against Hadrian Belove, the executive director of Cinefamily, was circulated throughout the Hollywood community. The email led to Belove’s resignation. The allegations in the email included claims made in a 2014 sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Belove and Cinefamily.

What Were the Claims Made in the Email?

The email was sent out to the media and hundreds within the independent film community. It made claims about rampant sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse and threats, work-rule violations and rape. Belove was accused of sexually harassing, assaulting and abusing Cinefamily volunteers and employees.

Another member of Cinefamily, Board Vice President Shadie Elnashai, resigned from Cinefamily as well after he was mentioned in the email. Shadie was accused of raping several women and using verbal threats to scare the women into silence after the assaults.

In the video below, Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer Brian Kesluk talks about whether you can keep your job after filing a harassment lawsuit.