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California Female Politicians Speak Out on Sexual Harassment Claims

Posted on March 30, 2018 Author:

State politicians have important roles in our American society; they represent a lot of people and have to make tough decisions every day that impact the community they speak for. Women politicians, especially, not only need to be concerned with their state’s politics, but they also fight for women’s rights, in the workplace and elsewhere. Several California women in politics have come out and spoken about “pervasive” sexual harassment that they have experienced.

An estimated 140 California women in politics have issued a letter speaking on the “dehumanizing behavior” happening behind closed doors. “Men have groped and touched us without consent, made inappropriate comments about our bodies and our abilities. Insults and sexual innuendo, frequently disguised as jokes, have undermined our professional positions and capabilities,” they wrote in the statement. A Democratic state assemblywoman, Cristina Garcia, says that she was groped inappropriately by a lobbyist five years ago, which prompted her reasons for signing the letter. Garcia also clarifies that this issue of sexual harassment isn’t a woman’s issue, and it’s not the victim’s responsibility to speak out, but the responsibility of those in power to help fix the problem. The women behind the letter have turned their written statement into a public campaign and have even created a website where other women can share their stories.

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein scandal, lawmakers and celebrities have been encouraged to tell their stories and raise the awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace. Even everyday women working in a normal office space have found the courage to speak out and no longer tolerate the behavior they have experienced or are currently experiencing. If you work in California and have been a victim of any form of harassment in your workplace, you have every right to explore your lawsuit options and seek justice. Contact our Los Angeles harassment lawyers today for a free consultation.