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Are Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley Worse Than Ever?

Posted on September 11, 2017 Author:

In the past couple of months, we have posted blogs on discrimination in the tech industry and sexual harassment in Silicon Valley. As horrifying as some of the incidents we have reported on have been, they may only be the tip of the iceberg according to a recent report in The Guardian.

What’s It Like for Women and Minorities Working in Silicon Valley?

Per the report in The Guardian, several high profile lawsuits filed against Google, Tesla, Facebook and other Silicon Valley tech companies have revealed that women and minorities face an uphill battle to make it in the tech industry.

One of the highest profile cases involved Ellen Pao who alleged in her suit that she was shut out of meetings and passed over promotions after accusing a co-worker of sexual harassment. Pao lost her case, but it was one of the first to reveal how widespread issues of discrimination and harassment in Silicon Valley are.

Another case that was profiled in the Guardian article involved a project manager at Facebook who claimed in her suit that she was the target of harassment and discrimination at work. She alleges she was not taken seriously in group meetings because of her gender and race. In addition, she claims she was asked by one of her bosses why she did not just stay at home and be a mom. This woman’s case was eventually resolved in mediation.

There are many more stories just like this coming out of Silicon Valley, and even more that are ongoing or will never be told, because women and minorities at these companies fear losing their jobs. However, the only way this culture is going to change for the better is if more victims of workplace discrimination and harassment in Silicon Valley speak out.