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What Is the Transgender Work Opportunity Act?

Posted on July 26, 2017 Author:

According to a Huffington Post article, only 35 percent of transgender individuals in the US are employed full time. A proposed law in California, SB 396, also known as the Transgender Work Opportunity Act, seeks to help more people in the LGBT community find full-time employment and avoid having their rights violated during the hiring process or on the job.

How Does the Transgender Work Opportunity Act Help Fight Discrimination?

The Transgender Work Opportunity Act would provide the following protections for members of the LGBT community:

  • SB 396 would require every employer in California to have the Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s poster on transgender civil rights prominently displayed.
  • Under the Transgender Work Opportunity Act, if an employer in California has 50 or more employees, they would be required to train their supervisors on signs of and how to stop on-the-job harassment involving gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Who Can Help Me If I’m Not Hired for a Job Because I’m Transgender?

In the video below, Los Angeles employment lawyer Doug Silverstein discusses what workplace harassment and discrimination victims should look for when hiring an employment attorney to handle their case.