Has Amazon Been Accused of Wage Theft?

Late last week, news broke that workers who claimed that they were docked wages for arriving late to work filed a lawsuit against Amazon. Photo of earnings statement

According to the Recorder, warehouse workers for Amazon filed the lawsuit seeking class action status for California employees who say that the company illegally docked wages and vacation time for workers if they showed up more than three minutes late to a shift.

The lawsuit alleges that a late clock-in start resulted in a 30-minute deduction from vacation time for workers, or if they had no vacation time accrued, the company would slice wages. The employees say that the deduction was nonnegotiable, even if an employee worked for a majority of those minutes.

The plaintiffs’ claim the practice is a form of wage theft. They say in the lawsuit that the “penalty was imposed even if delays were unavoidable or if workers were late because they were performing other tasks mandated by their supervisors,” according to the Recorder.

Talking to an Attorney about Wage Theft

As we have previously reported in our blog, class action lawsuits are becoming increasingly popular among workers who claim that they have had wages stolen from them. Remember, in California, employers must pay at least the minimum wage to all non-exempt workers for all hours worked. Certain cities and counties in California have their own wage standards.

If you perform any tasks while not being paid, your employer may be violating labor laws. As this case allegedly shows, sadly, labor disputes are often the result of unpaid wages, improperly calculated overtime and minimum wage violations. If you feel like your employer has violated labor laws, it may be in your best interest to speak to an employment attorney.

Our attorneys are here to give clients the legal representation they need if they are not receiving the correct pay. Keep following our blog for California labor news.

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