Has Cisco Been Accused of Age Discrimination?

Earlier this year, we discussed how some tech companies were coming under fire for practicing age discrimination when it came to hiring and firing techniques. Photo of fired worker

With this in mind, recently, an engineer filed a lawsuit against Cisco Systems Inc. in San Francisco claiming that she faced discrimination due to her age and heritage. According to The Recorder, the 56-year-old Iranian woman claims she worked at Cisco for 20 years before she was fired last October.

In her lawsuit, the woman claims two bosses, who are both 10 years younger than she is, treated her with contempt and created a hostile work environment. Prior to coming under the supervision of the two bosses, the woman said that she received strong performance reviews and was promoted several times at the company.

At one point, one of the supervisors gave the woman a poor performance review, ranking her in the bottom 5 percent of the team she worked on. “You have been with Cisco for 20 years. That is a long time. You must be tired,” the supervisor told her, according to the lawsuit. “Twenty years is too long—aren’t you done?”

The woman also claims that she was treated with “open derision” due to her heritage, as supervisors did not include her in social events and ignored her emails.

Due to the alleged harassment and discrimination, the woman claims that she had to take a leave of absence under the California Family Rights Act. In her lawsuit, she claims that she was fired after taking this leave.

I Am Experiencing Harassment and Discrimination Because of My Age

The claims in this lawsuit are alarming. Remember, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects employees over the age of 40 from experiencing issues like harassment or discrimination. This includes instances when an employee may be fired or face a demotion due to his or her age.

If you believe that you are experiencing age discrimination at work, contact our Los Angeles employment attorneys. We can determine if you need to file a claim with a state agency or advise you on how to move forward.

You should not have to suffer issues with harassment or discrimination at work because of your age or heritage.

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