Has Forever 21 Been Accused of Violating Employee Scheduling Laws?

According to Think Progress, a former Forever 21 employee has filed a lawsuit against the retailer in California accusing it of exploitative scheduling practices. Photo of employee handbook

The news outlet reported that the employee worked as a sales clerk, saying in the lawsuit that the company requires “employees to be on call for shifts but doesn’t compensate them with required pay for being made to report to work [and] being sent home, as per California law.”

It should be noted that Forever 21 is not the first retailer to be accused of unfair scheduling practices—previously, lawsuits have been filed against Victoria’s Secret and BCBG Max Azria. In California, labor law stipulates that workers must be compensated with “reporting time for pay” when they are scheduled to work and only asked to perform a portion of their shift.

Think Progress reports that this compensation is supposed to be an employee’s “regular rate of pay for half of a day’s work.” Sadly, the news outlet said that one retail sector survey recently found that only a third of employees receive what they consider consistent work schedules, while half say they find out about their schedules a week or less in advance.

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Source: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2015/10/16/3713114/lawsuits-scheduling/