Has the Kleiner Perkins Discrimination Case Been Decided?

Updating a blog post we brought you last month, a highly contested Silicon Valley lawsuit over gender discrimination was decided recently in favor of the defendants. Photo of dispute

According to the New York Times, Ellen Pao, who accused her firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers of discriminating against her during the course of her employment, was not successful with her lawsuit.

The newspaper reported that jurors rejected Pao’s claims that she was discriminated against over her gender when she ended an affair with a partner who left the company. She was fired in 2012 after she failed to become a senior partner at the firm. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is an investment firm that has backed tech companies such as Google and Amazon.

Pao, who is now the interim chief of Reddit, was seeking $16 million in compensatory damages plus punitive damages. While she was not successful, she does have an opportunity to appeal the verdicts. Additionally, Pao’s case shed a media spotlight on alleged sexism in Silicon Valley.

Since the filing of Pao’s lawsuit, several lawsuits alleging gender discrimination have been filed against companies including Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking to an Attorney About Gender Discrimination

While Pao was not successful with her lawsuit, it is good that questions are now being raised in the tech circle about issues surrounding gender discrimination and inequality.

On Friday, on our labor site, we will discuss a lawsuit against Twitter over gender discrimination allegations. Many advocates claim that tech companies are not doing enough to hire female employees and promote them. They also say that many female employees do not receive the same compensation as their male counterparts, and experience more issues with harassment at work.

Remember, gender discrimination is illegal under California law. This includes instances where an employee may be passed over for a promotion based upon his or her gender. All companies, regardless of whether they are in the tech sector, must adhere to the same labor laws.

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