Has Victoria’s Secret Abandoned ‘On-Call’ Scheduling?

Do you work for Victoria’s Secret? Changes could be coming, as the lingerie retailer has announced that it will put an end to on-call scheduling for its employees. Photo of employee handbook

According to Buzzfeed, the announcement comes after a California woman filed a class action lawsuit against the retailer claiming that she was often scheduled 30 hours per week, but was forced to ‘call-in’ to her store to see if it would actually provide her with a shift. She claims that often, her hours were reduced to only 10 hours per week due to the store’s “call-in” policies.

After the lawsuit was filed, workers openly complained to media outlets about the ‘call-in’ practice. Buzzfeed indicated that many retail chains aside from Victoria’s Secret use the tactic.

“Chains keep employees on the hook up until the last minute, a move that costs them nothing and helps minimize labor costs,” Buzzfeed reported. “Software helps them understand staffing needs in real time, and evidence suggests a national chain can save tens of millions of dollars a year by keeping workers on call and canceling at the last minute.”

The California lawsuit claims that retailers should be paid for on-call scheduling if their shifts are cancelled, just as they would be if they physically showed up to a store and were sent home without work.

Employees complain that this practice holds employees hostage each day, determining what they can do with their time off. To read Buzzfeed’s report about the ‘call-in’ practices found in the retail industry, you can click on the source link below.

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As this story shows, if you believe that your employer is cheating you out of pay, you should talk to our Los Angeles labor attorneys. It will be interesting to see if more employers move away from ‘call-in’ scheduling to avoid lawsuits.

You may be entitled to pay or comp time if you are required to be “on call” and ready to report to work within an hour. Businesses that do not pay workers for being on-call, or provide them with comp time or vacation, may be violating that Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The best way to determine if your employer is violating the law is to speak to our attorneys.

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Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/sapna/victorias-secret-keeps-workers-on-call-and-unpaid#.fxX02BbXE8