Have You Been Denied a Promotion Because of Your Race? Chapman University Settles Tenure Lawsuit

According to the Orange County Register, Chapman University has settled a discrimination lawsuit for $75,000 and instituted mandatory equal-opportunity employment training in its business school.

The news source reported that the settlement stems from a case that alleged that the school discriminated against a former professor over her race who was seeking a promotion. The Register reported that in 2006, the university’s Argyros School of Business and Economics’ faculty review committee denied tenure and promotion to Stephanie Dellande, an assistant professor of marketing.

Dellande reportedly appealed the denial, bringing her case before the university’s board of trustees, which upheld the decision. She was subsequently fired afterward for failing to make tenure.

In her lawsuit, Dellande alleged that she was denied tenure and fired because of her race. At the time of her dismissal, Dellande was the only black faculty member in a department of about 30. She also said that she had positive performance reviews.

“I had demonstrated that I should receive tenure and promotion and my record was at least comparable, if not superior, to others,” Dellande told the Register. “They didn’t say anything discriminatory, but their actions took advantage of my disadvantage characterized by race and gender.”

As part of the settlement, Chapman has agreed to pay Dellande $75,000 and retroactively given her the title of associate professor, although she will not be rehired. The business school has also agreed that employees will have to take a one-hour training course on equal-opportunity law.

Can I Sue My Employer for Racial Discrimination?

Racial discrimination in the workplace occurs when an employer treats an employee or applicant differently than others because of his or her race. As this case shows, it can also occur when company policies or decisions adversely affect employees differently based on race.

Employees subjected to race discrimination may be entitled to seek a lawsuit under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or under state anti-discrimination laws.

Racial discrimination is inherently wrong and should not be tolerated; contact our labor law attorneys today to discuss your case if you feel like you have faced harassment or discrimination at work based on your race.

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Source: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/chapman-626918-university-professor.html