Have You Experienced Harassment Because of Your Race? Former Chipotle Employee Files Lawsuit

Any form of harassment, whether it is sexual, racial or based on age, is reprehensible. In addition, in many cases, it is illegal in the workplace.

If you are being harassed at work, you must file a discrimination complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) within one year of the incident. When this occurs, you should keep a record and note when incidents occurred—the agency has an online tool that will allow you to file complaints.

Additionally, you should contact our attorneys, who have several decades of experience handling harassment cases.

Recently, the San Louis Obispo Tribune reported that a former manager at a Chipotle restaurant in the city filed a lawsuit against the chain and her former supervisor for alleged racial discrimination, wage and overtime violations and denied advancement opportunities.

According to the paper, Janeka Samuels worked at both Chipotle restaurants in San Luis Obispo over the course of nearly four years and was a manager when she was terminated in 2013. Samuels, an African American, filed her lawsuit in March claiming that she and other employees endured daily harassment from their supervisor.

Samuels’ suit also alleged that she was not provided with timely breaks and in one incident, was told, “no one in this town is ever going to like you because you’re black,” by the supervisor involved in the lawsuit.

Can I Sue My Former Employer for Discrimination?

As we mentioned earlier, in California, you must file a claim with the DFEH if you believe that you have been subjected to harassment at work. The agency will investigate your claim, and if it is able to find evidence that the harassment occurred, your employer may receive a formal accusation, which may lead to a public hearing or lawsuit.

Harassment can include name-calling, physical assault or threat, intimidation, offensive jokes and insults. Your workplace should be a place where you are made to feel comfortable.

If you are experiencing harassment by another employee, schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles discrimination attorneys today to discuss your case.

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