Have Your Workplace Rights Been Violated In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest in the country, behind only New York City. As of the 2010 Census, approximately 3,792,621 people live in LA. Los Angeles has a gross metropolitan product of $831 billion—the third largest in the world—and is also the world leader for the entertainment industry. Los Angeles is also the home to the corporate headquarters and offices of a seemingly endless number of companies. Many global corporations employ thousands of workers in Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs.

Transportation and Education

Getting around in Los Angeles isn’t always easy, but there’s an abundance of transit systems and airports to help tourists and residents get to where they need to be. The Los Angeles metropolitan area has an assortment of bus lines and subways, including Red and Purple lines as well as Metro Orange and Silver, provided by Metrolink. The Los Angeles International Airport is the sixth busiest commercial airport in the world and third busiest in the U.S.

Your Workplace Right in Los Angeles

The entertainment and advertising industries have a laid-back business climate, which unfortunately can lead to a lax in professional and appropriate office behavior at times.

All workers in Los Angeles have the right to earn a living in a safe workplace free of harassment, discrimination, wage theft and whistleblower retaliation. There is more information on employment law available on our site. The attorneys at Kesluk, Silverstein & Jacob have experience litigating against the major employers in Los Angeles, providing representation in individual cases and class action suits alike. Please call our firm today at (310) 273-3180 for a free consultation.

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