Home Detention Supervisor Files a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

According to the Morning Journal, a Lorain County Detention Home supervisor has filed a quid pro quo sexual harassment lawsuit claiming he was harassed on the job. The lawsuit comes after the supervisor was cleared of an assault charge and fired from the job for misconduct. James Catalano has named the detention home, two fellow workers and the Lorain County commissioner in his lawsuit.

Catalano gained attention in July 29, when he was accused of slamming a 16-year-old boy’s face onto a table and a videotape of the incident made media rounds. Catalano was charged with felonious assault but was later acquitted.

Catalano claims that supervisor Lori O’Connor sexually harassed him while he was on the job, says the complaint. O’Connor allegedly told Catalano that he would keep his job in exchange for sexual favors. Catalano refused repeated requests and the defendants allegedly retaliated against him and terminated his employment. A Los Angeles employment lawyer can answer your questions about quid pro quo sexual harassment at work.

The plaintiff says he was subjected to different types of harassment on the job: quid pro quo sexual harassment, unwelcome sexual remarks and other conduct of a sexual nature, which he claims had an effect on interfering with his work performance, and created a hostile and offensive work environment.

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