House Ethics Panel Continues Investigating Massa Sexual Harassment Claims

According to the New York Times, the House ethics panel has decided to continue its inquiry into whether top Democrats covered up information about sexual harassment claims that male staff made against Eric Massa. Massa resigned in March 2010 as a congressman from New York after allegations became public that he sexually harassed male staff members.

The committee announced that it had voted to continue an investigative subcommittee. Republicans have been eager to make ethical misdeeds a campaign issue and have pressed for information whether or not Democratic leaders knew about allegations against Massa and what actions they took.

The ethics panel cannot investigate former House members, but it can look into what others did or did not do with knowledge of the accusations made against Massa.

Eric Massa left Congress after allegations that he inappropriately touched and sexually harassed a male staffer. Massa responded to initial allegations by conducting media interviews and admitting in engaging in tickle fights with staff and other behavior, which some may see as types of sexual harassment.

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