Do House Members Go Through Sexual Harassment Training?

Can you believe that our country’s House members are not required to take sexual harassment training? It is unbelievable that this could occur. These lawmakers introduce legislation aimed at protecting workplace rights. Photo of sexual harassment

KPCC, better known as Southern California Public Radio, reported that the lack of training among lawmakers has become a well-known problem since more than two dozen women complained about harassment from Bob Filner, a former Congressman from San Diego and the former mayor of the city.

Filner retired from Congress in 2012. Shortly after, he was accused of groping and grabbing women during his time as a lawmaker. He later resigned as mayor of San Diego and pleaded guilty to battery charges following an onslaught of allegations.

San Mateo Congresswoman Jackie Speier said she is attempting to get the House Rules Committee to act on sexual harassment training. “It’s slow as molasses back here to get something as simple and obvious as mandatory training,” Speier told KPCC.

According to the news outlet, it is up to each Congressional office to set up sexual harassment language and training, and up to each lawmaker’s office to have its own policy. Meanwhile, the Senate requires sexual harassment training for employees, including two hours of training for supervisors.

What Should I Do If I Face Sexual Harassment at Work?

Remember, if you are subjected to sexual harassment at work, tell the person harassing you to stop the actions. If he or she continues to harass you, make sure you inform a supervisor and/or a human resource representative.

If nothing is done, speak to our attorneys. Keep in mind, in most cases, you are required to try to resolve the matters within your company or workplace before you can pursue legal action against the individual accused of harassment.

Our attorneys have over 70 years of experience representing the victims of workplace sexual harassment. Do not continue to be victimized.

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