Indiana Detective Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A detective has filed a sexual orientation discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit against the Fort Wayne Police Department in Indiana, according to The plaintiff, Bridget Glaser, joined the FWPD in 1993 and became a detective in 2002. The lawsuit alleges that the discrimination and sexual harassment began in 2010.

According to the lawsuit, a sergeant told Glaser “What do you say to a woman with two black eyes? Nothing, she has already been told twice.” After the initial off color joke, an onslaught of sexual harassment began, including sergeants sending her pornography and her direct supervisor even bringing a sex toy into the workplace. Glaser complained to her newly assigned sergeant at the time, but no corrective action was taken.

In April 2012, Glaser addressed her concerns with Fort Wayne Police Chief Rust York, who had the sex toy removed from the office, but the sexual remarks continued. Male colleagues began making sexual gestures towards her, grabbing their crotches and using derogatory terms regarding her sexual orientation. York claims that Glaser’s claims are an inaccurate portrayal of the police department.

“Of course we’ve received and reviewed the complaint and any claim that the Fort Wayne Police Department is liable to Det. Glaser for sexual harassment or for violation of her rights is without merit,” said York.

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