Is It Illegal For a Company to Fire Someone Based Upon Who That Person Hired?

Did you know that it is illegal to discriminate against someone at work based upon his or her race? Discrimination underlined with red marker

There are different forms of racial discrimination that can occur at any stage of employment, including during the initial hiring decision, promotions, layoffs, compensation, benefits, job assignments, training or termination of employment, or through racist comments or harassment at work.

It is also illegal for a company to terminate an employee over the hiring of minority workers.

In a bizarre case making national headlines, a former Taco Bell employee has sued the fast food chain, accusing it of firing her for hiring Hispanic workers. According to her lawsuit, Juanita O’Connell, who is Mexican-American, claims that one of her superiors saw a Latino employee working at an Indianapolis restaurant that she managed. The manager reportedly said, “Didn’t I tell you not to hire Hispanics?”

O’Connell, 60, had worked at Taco Bell since 1987, according to the Huffington Post. About two weeks after the incident, O’Connell’s supervisors came to the store to punish her for an E-Verify violation that might have occurred, the Post reported. E-Verify is a system used to help identify workers who may be undocumented and working illegally.

O’Connell claims that she was written up and fired over the incident. O’Connell claimed that she continued to hire Hispanic workers following the comment by her supervisor, because she felt that the threats not to hire them were “discriminatory”.

Can I Sue My Former Employer for Racial Discrimination?

If the allegations in this lawsuit are true, then the actions committed by the supervisors at Taco Bell are shameful. Many forms of workplace discrimination are illegal based upon Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

If you are experiencing harassment at work based on your race, schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles discrimination attorneys today to discuss your case.

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