Is Paid Sick Leave Mandatory in California?

On July 1, a new law in California took effect providing an estimated 6.5 million workers with paid sick leave for the first time. Photo of Employee Handbook and Forms

According to USA Today, the Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act guarantees up to three days of paid sick leave for all workers. The news outlet reported that both part-time and full-time employees would be able to start taking paid sick leave after working for the same employer for at least 90 days.

“Most of the businesses that weren’t providing any paid time off are [those] who hire hourly low-wage workers – a lot in retail, restaurants,” said Assembly member Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego. “Folks who, unfortunately, are barely getting by. The same population, who is really living month-to-month, is having to make the decision: Do I take a day off?”

Additionally, the law says employers must show how many hours of sick leave a worker has earned on his or her pay stub. Under the rules, companies can choose to have employees accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked or grant them three days of paid sick leave upfront to be used within a one-year period.

California now joins Connecticut, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia as places that have laws regarding guaranteed paid sick leave.

Can a Los Angeles Employment Attorney Help Me With a Wage Claim?

This is great news for workers in California. If your employer does not provide you with legally entitled paid sick leave, you should speak to our Los Angeles labor attorneys about your legal rights, as you may be able to pursue a lawsuit or report the issue to a state agency.

Employees who have been denied pay through sick leave, vacation or lunch breaks, may be entitled to recover unpaid wages, plus attorneys’ fees and interest through litigation.

Our labor lawyers can determine if you have a wage claim and/or direct you to an agency that can assist you if your employer is violating the law. You can contact us by using the request form or phone number located on this page.

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