Jesse Jackson Sued for Wrongful Termination and Discrimination

According to the SOP, a former employee of Jesse Jackson Sr. has filed a wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuit against Jackson and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition. In the complaint, Tommy R. Bennet alleges that Jackson fired him unjustly because of his sexual orientation, and that the prominent civil rights leader forced him to perform uncomfortable tasks.

Bennet claims those tasks included escorting Jackson’s mistresses to their hotel rooms and cleaning up the rooms after the women had met with Jackson. Bennet further alleges that the civil rights leader asked him to perform oral sex on him.

Jackson has been a long defender of homosexual, gay and lesbian rights. The bombshell lawsuit against the civil rights leader comes as a joint effort with the City of Chicago’s Commission on Human Rights.

Bennet has been a regular on the Tom Joyner radio show and a member of the President’s LGBT Leadership Council. Bennet makes further claims that Jackson ridiculed him in front of other employees and verbally abused when he refused to rub cream on a rash between Jackson’s legs.

Bennet’s lawsuit seeks $98,300 in lost pay and benefits, and another $350,000 for emotional distress and punitive damages. Jackson has been married to his wife since 1962 but indiscretions have been known in the past. One of Jackson’s affairs resulted in a child in 1999. Jackson and his camp have yet to make a public comment in regards to Bennet’s wrongful termination and discrimination claims.