Judge Allows Uber Drivers to Sue for Tips, Wages

A federal judge has given the OK for Uber drivers to sue the company for allegedly deceiving customers and scamming drivers out of their tips. Uber is a San Francisco-based shared ride company that, according to the lawsuit, tells customers that their tips are included in their fare. However, drivers are claiming that they only get half of the 20 percent gratuities charged, and that, sometimes, Uber does not specify the amount added as a tip and they receive nothing. Drivers are claiming that this practice discourages customers from tipping.

The lawsuit specifies that customers are deceived when they use Uber’s mobile phone app, which states that their fare includes tip, sometimes specified at 20 percent, so they do not need to tip their driver extra. A federal judge declared on December 5 that by stating the extra amount as “gratuity,” Uber was “pledging to pay that percentage to the drivers,” allowing two Uber drivers to continue on with their lawsuit against the company.

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How Do I Determine if I am Entitled to Certain Wages?

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Source: http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/Uber-drivers-suit-over-tips-clears-hurdle-5044858.php