Judge Gives Green Light to Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against US Secret Service

A federal judge in Washington DC has ruled that plaintiffs presented enough evidence of the US Secret Service engaging in racial discrimination that the case can go to trial, according to JDJournal.com. Class action status was granted to 120 current and former Secret Service Agents who are accusing the agency of discriminating against blacks when selecting candidates for promotions.

The court determined that the expert witness testifying for the plaintiffs was able to present statistically significant evidence of discrimination.

“Our clients are thrilled that the federal court has agreed that their discrimination claims share common issues warranting class certification and that a jury will hear all the evidence of the pattern and practice of race discrimination that harmed the careers of scores of African-American Secret Service Agents,” plaintiffs’ attorney Jennifer Klar said.

It can be very difficult to prove racial discrimination, but the evidence appears to be compelling this federal case. If you think you have been passed over for a job or a promotion because of racial discrimination, please contact our firm today.

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