Judge Orders Hurd’s Letter Unsealed in Sexual Harassment Case

According to Business Insider, the letter alleging sexual harassment that got Mark Hurd removed from HP will be unsealed in the ongoing lawsuit. Some parts of the document will be redacted, according to reports. A judge in Delaware has ruled to unseal the letter containing allegations by former Hewlett-Packard CEO.

Hurd is now a president of Oracle, but the sexual harassment case brought on by former HP contractor Jodie Fisher continues to haunt him. The HP board did not find Hurd guilty of sexual harassment, but said he had violated the company’s policy. Hurd’s attorney plans to appeal the judge’s ruling, alleging the document contains numerous inaccuracies and should remain confidential.

The judge ordered HP 10 days to submit a public version of the letter but requested that several passages be kept under seal. It is unclear when the letter will see the light of day given the planned appeal circumstances. HP shareholders have brought on their own suit against HP and have fought to unseal the letter. Fisher is a former pin up girl and an actress who worked for HP as a contractor between 2007 and 2009. Fisher claims her letter contains detailed information about Hurd’s unwanted sexual advances and her rejections.

Fisher wrote an 8-page letter to the HP board in which she made allegations of sexual harassment. The shareholders brought on their own suit against HP in relations to the executive’s public exit from the company. In addition to sexual harassment claims, the letter contains information about HP’s plan to acquire computer-services company Electronic Data Systems Corp. Fisher claims she received the secret information from Hurd.