Jury Rules in Favor of Defendant in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

A jury in Colton, California ruled in favor of the defendant in a wrongful termination lawsuit recently, according to sources. Former Colton Police Chief Ken Rulon alleges he was wrongfully terminated and filed the lawsuit against the Colton Police Department in 2007.

Rulon alleges he was terminated after he reported the corrupt practices of certain city officials to the Colton District Attorney’s Office. Rulon reported city credit card abuse by a councilman. According to reports, Rulon testified that former Councilman Ramon Hernandez charged to the city credit card thousands of dollars spent on motel stays with a lover and calls to telephone sex lines. Hernandez was eventually charged with 24 felonies and sentenced to 180 days in jail. The city maintained that Rulon was aware of the abuse for one year before he reported it, and cited that as the reason for the termination. Subordinates also accused Rulon of sexual harassment.

“The evidence, we felt, was weak,” said juror Jacque Smith. “We didn’t see the city retaliating against him [Rulon].”

Rulon denied the allegations of sexual harassment and insisted he reported the abuse once he was certain of it.

“I did the right thing and I’d do it again,” Rulon said outside the courtroom.

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