Jury Sides With UCSF In Racial Discrimination Suit

A San Francisco Superior Court rejected a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by a former campus employee against the University of California San Francisco, the Daily Californian reported on September 14, 2011. Todd Senigar, who had been employed in an information technology position on campus, alleged in his complaint that he had not received a promotion because of his race.

The Californian said that a statement released by UCSF, the jury ruled in an 11-1 verdict that “the campus’s treatment of Senigar was in accordance with California law and university policy.” Senigar’s original complaint against the UCSF’s regents alleged wage discrimination, retaliation and failure to prevent harassment, although the claim that he did not receive a promotion because he is black was the only charge not dismissed previously. According to the Californian, UCSF spokesperson Amy Pyle said that the position Senigar had applied for was ultimately eliminated for budgetary reasons and thus was never filled.

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