Kara DioGuardi Publishes New Book, Talks About Sexual Harassment In Music Industry

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kara DioGuardi has released a controversial new memoir about her experiences, including sexual harassment in the music industry. The popular ex-American Idol judge revealed that in 2000 she was date-raped by a fairly known producer. After sharing what she thought was a friendly business dinner, she woke up to see the music colleague on top of her and speaking to her in Spanish.

In the book, DioGuardi opens up about workplace harassment, revealing that she was once sent on a three-day songwriting trip with a successful musician. The ex-judge said that the trip’s activities consisted of watching porn and watching strippers perform sex acts in the living room. She claims she attempted to act professionally until the artist tried to force her hand down his pants.

DioGuardi says that she kept the rape by a music colleague to herself in fear of angering him and ruining her music career.

The book also talks about her time on American Idol and her personal struggle of trying to conceive a child through IVF treatments. Ultimately, she asked the producers to let her out of her contract so that she could focus on her personal life.

According to a survey released by the American Associated for University Women, most sexual harassment actions go unreported. Almost two thirds of male and females interviewed said they have encountered some type of sexual harassment, about third of which included physical contact in a sexual manner.