KBR Blamed for Sexual Harassment of Military Contractor

According to the Washington Post, jurors heard about a hostile work environment that has been a longtime problem for military contractor KBR Inc., which failed to protect workers who were sexually assaulted or harassed. The testimony came in a case against KBR Inc. by a woman who claims she was raped by co-workers in Iraq. Jamie Leigh Jones, 26, is one of several female contract workers for KBR who said they were sexually assaulted or harassed while working in Iraq.

Jones said she was raped in 2005 while working for KBR at Camp Hope, Baghdad. Jones has named KBR, Halliburton and former KBR firefighter who she claims was one of her rapists.

The attorneys for KBR and Halliburton denied a long history of hostile working environments within the companies. The ex-KBR firefighter has denied charges that he raped Jones and that the two had consensual sex. Jones’ employment attorney said that as far back as 1998, KBR was responsible for creating an environment in which employees who were sexually harassed or abused were scared into reporting what happened or were fired while their harassers were promoted and protected.

Jones claims that in 2005 she was drugged with what she believes was Rohypnol and then raped in her room by former KBR firefighter and others.

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