Kesner Settles Lawsuit

Harvey Kesner has agreed to a settlement in the wrongful termination lawsuit he initiated against former employer Haynes and Boone. The two parties issued a joint statement claiming “Haynes and Boone and Harvey Kesner have amicably resolved their differences and all litigation between them has been discontinued.”

The complaint that was filed in May alleged that Kesner has signed a two year employment and compensation contract with the company just before he was terminated in March of 2009. Among the various complaints concerning the wrongful termination Kesner also alleged that Haynes and Boone had defamed him by saying publicly that Kesner was fired for “having relationships with clients that the firm did not wish to associate with. “ When the lawsuit was filed Haynes and Boone issued a statement claiming that the lawsuit was without merit.

The details of the settlement have not been released, however since Kesner is currently working at another firm one must assume that there was a meaningful financial amount offered and accepted. Many times wrongful termination lawsuits are resolved via settlement without the offending party ever admitting culpability. The wronged party often wants recognition and compensation for the misdeed committed against them. No amount of money can restore a reputation or rebuild a career, so the decision to agree to a settlement is one that can weigh heavily on a plaintiff.

Even a portion of a $15 million settlement likely has soothed Kesner’s ruffled feathers and because he is already re-employed it may be just the justice he required.