Los Angele Discrimination Attorneys Take a Closer Look at Lawsuit Filed Against Starbucks

A former Starbucks employee has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the company after she was terminated from her position as a barista at a location in Baltimore. The Starbucks location terminated Margaret Hobson, 65, for violating company policy after she allowed another employee to go home early from a shift. This left Hobson as the only employee in the store, which is in violation of company policy.

Hobson claimed her sending the younger employee home early was not unusual and she had received positive evaluations in the past. She had never been reprimanded before for sending an employee home early.

“Ninety percent of the shift supervisors and managers are in the store alone at one point or another,” says Hobson.

Starbucks replaced Hobson’s role with two younger employees in their twenties. Starbucks denied terminating Hobson because of her age. If Hobson is able to prove that other shift managers were not punished for the same actions, she may have a very strong case.

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