Los Angeles Age Discrimination Lawyers Look at Ohio Lawsuit

A trial has been set for a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a former aide to the mayor in Solon, Ohio, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Sally Deitrick, 60, claims she was a victim of age discrimination when she was terminated by the new mayor,  Susan Drucker,in 2011.

Deitrick had served as the mayor’s aide since 1997, and she was fired due to her job performance, according to city records. Deitrick claims it was in fact part of a plan by Mayor Drucker to get rid of older city employees and that Drucker had promised to keep her on when she took office. Drucker claims she only agreed to keep Deitrick on for one year after her election, and that she even offered Deitrick a position in the police department that Deitrick did not accept.

“In her initial complaint filed in October 2011, Deitrick contends after Patton chose not to seek re-election in 2009, she met with Drucker while she was running for office,” reads the complaint. “At that time, the lawsuit claims they reached a verbal agreement that, in exchange for her support, she would be kept on, at least until she qualified for full Public Employee Retirement System benefits in four years.”

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