Los Angeles City Council Member Accused of Sexual Harassment

A Los Angeles Employment Attorney Discusses this News Story

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that a former staff member has accused a city council member of sexual harassment. At the time of the report, the claimant had not yet filed the lawsuit. This complaint marks the first public reveal of allegations against this council member, and follows the recent resignation of San Diego major Bob Filner after several women charged him with sexual misconduct.

Allegations of Harassment

Former high-level aid Francine Godoy alleged that city council member Jose Huizar repeatedly made advances towards her during the course of her employment, which caused her to suffer a hostile work environment because she refused his advances. This includes Huizar asking Godoy “impermissible non-job related questions.” Godoy also stated that she experienced a damaged reputation and wrongful termination that resulted from the city council member’s actions. The Times noted that Godoy is seeking to file the complaint against both Huizar and the city.

City council president Herb Wesson stated that he is convening an independent panel to investigate the sexual harassment complaint. The law stipulates that the five-person committee will compromise of one female and one male law professor, judges of both genders as well as a member of the American Arbitration Association. The law professors are required to have experience and familiarity with California employment law.

The report indicated that Godoy had legal representation at the time of the complaint. Her Los Angeles employment lawyer refused to discuss details of the case, saying that they were “not going to be trying this in the media,” and they are letting the legal system duly process the case.

What to Do If You Experience Harassment

If you experience sexual harassment, tell the harasser to desist in the actions that make you uncomfortable. If that does not work, inform a supervisor or your employer. Many times the law requires you to try to resolve the matters within your company, before you can pursue legal action against the individual accused of harassment. If you feel that you are in physical danger, contact the authorities immediately.

Do not be afraid to stand up for your right to a safe workplace. If an employer disciplines or terminates you due to your harassment claims, a Los Angeles employment lawyer may be able to file a retaliation lawsuit on your behalf.

We Protect Employees Who Suffer Harassment

Contact our Los Angeles employment attorney today if you have been the victim of sexual harassment at work. Our experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer can discuss if you are entitled to take action against the individual or company that violated your rights.

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