Los Angeles Discrimination Attorneys Shed Light on the Dangers of LGBT Discrimination

Although federal law bans discrimination against LGBT employees in federal government agencies, many people claim to be regular victims of workplace sexual orientation discrimination. Many LGBT members are made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace and are forced to leave their jobs “voluntarily.” Harassment of persons based on these pretenses may be unlawful, just like terminating people on this basis.

According to statistics from AmericanProgress.org, 15 to 43 percent of LGBT workers have experienced discrimination in the workplace.  Eight percent report being passed over for jobs or promotions they were qualified for because of discrimination. Transgender employees have a particularly hard time, experiencing higher rates of unemployment than other workers and LGBT community members. Families with same-sex couples as head-of-household earn an average of $15,500 less annually than their traditional family counterparts

Discrimination against LGBT employees, or any other employees, can cause extreme stress and hardship on the entire workforce. Many states, including California, have state laws to protect LGBT persons against unlawful discrimination.

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