Los Angeles Discrimination Attorneys Weigh in on Lawsuit vs. Morgan-Stanley

An employee at Morgan Stanley has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the Wall Street investment bank in New York, according to New York Magazine. Dabotubo Horsfall, a vice president in Morgan Stanley’s investment management division, claims that he was subject to pay disparity and harassment from his peers due to his African-American ethnicity. Horsfall has accused senior management at the firm of “blatant discriminatory treatment on account of his race,” according to the lawsuit.

Horsfall, 34, began working for Morgan Stanley in 2010 and filed the lawsuit in February 2013. Horsfall claims that he was moved to a new position in November of 2011, under the supervision of two new managers. According to the claim, it was at this point that the discrimination began. Horsfall alleges he was not given the annual evaluation and opportunity for a pay increase that was granted to other employees at the end of the year. He also claims that he was not given proper credit for his involvement in negotiating the sale of company that year.

“We believe he’s been underpaid,” said Derek Sells, the attorney representing Horsfall. “We believe he’s been denied benefits. He’s been compensated differently than people who have the same background and responsibilities.”

All workers are entitled to a work environment that is free from harassment. If you believe that you have been a victim of discrimination in your workplace because of your race, age or gender, contact our experienced Los Angeles labor law attorneys for a free consultation.

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