Los Angeles Discrimination Lawyers Disturbed by Hostile Work Environment Claim

RockTenn Services Company, Inc., a manufacturing company based in Atlanta, has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The lawsuit alleges that RockTenn fostered a hostile work environment and discriminated against African-American employees.

The EEOC filed the discrimination lawsuit in Dallas, where a class of African-American workers were subjected to taunting, violence, racial slurs and images of Confederate flags and swastikas. One of the plaintiffs, Michael Scott, claims supervisors would call him racial slurs regularly.

The lawsuit claims that the plaintiffs would complain to RockTenn management, but no corrective action was ever taken. RockTenn agreed to pay $500,000 to 14 employees who were victims.

“Racism in any form is bad enough, but racist graffiti that included Confederate flags and death wishes accompanied by vile racist epithets go far beyond the pale even of prejudice,” said EEOC Senior Trial Attorney Joel Clark. “Terms like ‘KKK’ evoke violent and threatening attitudes towards African-Americans. RockTenn should have immediately responded to the reports of racist graffiti instead of permitting their employees to work in an atmosphere full of these menacing, racist taunts.”

This work environment is beyond offensive, and quite frankly, it sounds terrifying. Please contact our firm for a free consultation if you have experienced anything like this at work.

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